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An application for tenants, helping them with each step of their tenancy, including financial support, help in automating and streamlining the reference process, ID verification and automated communication with their agents as a whole. Renters can also help to build their credit profile by paying their rent on time each month.


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Standardising accessibility & inclusion for the Lettings sector.


AccessiblePRS catalyses access and inclusion in the mainstream property sector.


We make it simple for Letting Agents to bring accessibility and inclusion to your business, by levelling the process for older and disabled people to search for properties with accessibility features.


The housing sector never geared itself towards people with accessible housing needs, neither the supply of suitable homes, nor the processes for them to find those homes. Excluding people is a problem. But here's the good news! As a Letting Agent, you can choose to be a significant part of the solution - one that's designed by a former agent, with over twenty five years in the property sector, nineteen of which as a wheelchair user following a spinal injury.


We've standardised what we're asking you to do, got Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Rightmove on board, and worked with both corporate and independent agents to lead the way! This triple participation of Letting Agents, CRM platforms and property portals / agents websites, means that everyone is stepping up and making the changes together.


What's required for Letting Agencies? Two parts: (1) some I.T. based organisational updates and (2) training your staff. We guide you through both.


Please contact Guy Harris for further information.

07836 225435


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